terms & conditions

AGE: You must be at least age 18 to place an order.

LEGAL: Industrial Hemp has no psychoactive effect but still is a grey area legally in many places in the US.  You are responsible for being familiar with the laws regarding purchasing and/or germinating industrial hemp seed in your local area.

SHIPPING:  We are not responsible for loss or damage of seeds once they are shipped.  We ship to the address you give us, so it is your responsibility to make sure you enter the correct mailing address where you receive packages. Do not use an alias because that might confuse the package carrier.  Any delivery issues that arise after we ship, should be addressed with the carrier.  We would like to know if you receive damaged seeds. 

FEMINIZED SEED:  Even though this seed is feminized and males are highly unlikely, it is every grower's responsibility to monitor plants for gender.  

GERMINATION:  The decision to germinate seed is the customer's responsibility.  We sell seeds, not plants.  We do not guarantee germination rates.  Our own extensive tests under optimal conditions indicate a germ rate well over 90%, but rates may vary due to individual grower methods. Every grower should self-educate about germination techniques.